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New phone

Добавлено: 30 мар 2023, 14:44

I got a problem. On my old phone i was really far with your game. I even spend more then 50 euros on it. Now i got my New phone and Almost all games and apps continue where i left off. But not your game... my game got reset and i lost all that i gained with my money.

What can u do about this? A refund? Or get the stuff back i bought. Cause i spend like really alot on your game.

Kind regards,

Re: New phone

Добавлено: 30 мар 2023, 16:04
Hello Sidney, I apologize for my pidgin english, if I make a mistake somewhere, since it is not my native language.
If it is not possible on the old phone in settings of game to "upload to server", and download it on the new phone. With your problem, you need to contact technical support, and specify the email address, nickname, and shopping list, with screenshots of payment receipts in the Google store.