Suggestions / Bug report

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Suggestions / Bug report

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Hey! I will explain in english since it is for a worldwide community.
I've been playing the game for several days and have some suggestions:

The game does not look very organised:
1- I suggest to create a main menu before get in the game, it will help you easily add future features.

2- Add statistics.That can be seen while playing and in other menu tab.
2.1 Money and research points produced per sec/min/hour and maybe total.
2.2 Material produced, ores, ingots etc... also average per min/hour and Total.

3-Group ability.
3.1 Select a group, and move, rotate, delete and upgrade that group is necessary. It is anoying and too repetitive if you want to upgrade or move 200 buildings. :?

4- Splitters
4.1 Splitters should not be limited to 50 items split.
4.2 The player should be able to edit the number by writing the number, clicking on the arrows 50 times x 50 when sorting items is excessive.

5- Surprise
5.1 Surprise the player by hiding the future buildings and let them unlock at certain point. It creates a bit of excitement when you unlock something new and not when you have all unlocked in the beggining of the game.
5.2 Maybe create some kind of leveling system where a player earns experience by mining items. For example, "next unlock at 2000 mined items".
5.2.1 Get 1 golden gear for every 2k mined items

6-Trash / Garbage (not sure)
6.1 Somehow my werehouse is getting filled with Trash, and I am sure the items are all going in right sides and not on the floor.
I think it is also related with splitters and filters. I think that the way it was programmed those buildings only sort and recognise an item per game tick, and when you have a belt full of items (more than 5 per sec) the items do not have enough time to get sort and the game creates Trash.

7- Less than 1 sec shop (not sure)
7.1 Sometimes for big builds it is necessary to auto-buy items from the shop faster than 1 per second.

8- Portals
8.1 Create a high-end building that teleports items to another place. This building can be unlocked further in the game.

9- 2x2 buildings
9.1 Some buildings may have a bigger size, 2x2 or 3x3. For example the Smelter or the werehouse, nuclear reactor, lava generator/pump...
9.2 Add some Solar panels and Wind turbines that are big and expensieve but create a small amount of energy forever.

10- Monetization $$$
10.1 Add more stuff to Premium shop where you sell stuff for golden gears and $$$
10.2 Add a speed up feature, for example, 2x speed, for the next 10 or 15 min if you see a video, or buy a 2x speed for 0.99$
10.3 Give 2x RP (research points) for 1 h, unlock special items, buildings and ores.
10.4 Hire me for more suggestions :D ;)

Final Suggestions: Create an in-game bug report system, and also add this forum in the game so everyone can visit it.