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08 янв 2023, 05:22
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Тема: Downgrade drilling rig
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Downgrade drilling rig

I upgraded all my drilling rigs to level 2 and now I don't have enough copper to do anything. It is going to make the next 20 or more hours annoying. Can you add a "downgrade" button to the rigs so that a person can take it back down. You don't even need to refund the money spent.
08 янв 2023, 05:19
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Тема: Unloading machines
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Unloading machines

When unloading a machine, if it had 6 different things inside, it will only unload 1 type and lose all the rest of the materials. You can't even choose which material to keep. I would prefer a button that lets me unload everything if I want, then I can choose if I want to lose all the other things i...
08 янв 2023, 05:16
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Тема: Paying for premium
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Paying for premium

I am enjoying the new spin on the factory game. I played over a hundred hours of the last game. Premium subscriptions are an odd choice for this type of game. I would gladly pay for the premium, but as a once off purchase, not a subscription, as I usually only play for limited time after work. It is...