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A Picachu
15 май 2020, 06:42
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Тема: Power distribution question
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Power distribution question

When consuming more power than is being produced, i notice that some modules are prioritized for power when others have less or no priority for power. Is there a way to set power priority for my modules?
A Picachu
15 май 2020, 06:32
Форум: Обсуждение игры
Тема: Выдача товара со склада.
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Re: Выдача товара со склада.

After opening the Warehouse Unloader, select the item you want to auto unload. On the item transfer screen, you should see a button in the bottom left side of the box. It will ask you to set the intervals that you want the item transfered. Item transfers are always in increments of one. Screenshot_2...